Good deal on good kitchen knives

Okay, so this is kind of a random post for a personal finance blog, but one way to save money is to cook for yourself. To do that, you need some good kitchen knives.  90-100% of those knife needs can be handled by 2 implements: A Chef’s knife and a paring knife.  I recently came across a good deal for 2 high-quality versions of each (both of which I’ve purchased; they work great!)

Make sure you get a sharpening steel as well, like this one from Chicago Cutlery or this one from OXO.  This is so you can sharpen the knives yourself when they inevitably lose some of their edge.

Here’s a useful site that discusses how to pick good kitchen knives.  He goes over the various types of steel, but I haven’t figured out how to know which knives contain which steel!

3.25″ Paring knife:

paring knife

8 Inch Chef’s knife:

chefs knife

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