URGENT: Haiti needs your help – Take action by donating right now online

[UPDATE: We’ve collectively donated $1415 to date, $585 more to hit the goal of $2000! Please donate and then answer the poll with however much you can spare.]

You are probably aware of the massive humanitarian disaster in Haiti as a result of a 7.0 magnitude earthquake.  An estimated 50,000 people are dead with 2.5 – 3 million people affected by the disaster.  Probably the easiest way to help immediately is by sending money to a relief organization to help out.

It’s important to me to ‘give smart’ and make sure charity dollars go to organizations that make the most of them.  For this, CharityWatch.org has created a list of charities providing help to Haiti with ‘grades’ of each charity.  Find one that you like and donate whatever you can to help the relief effort (and replenish funding for the next big disaster, whatever that ends up being.)

The internet has become a powerful source of fundraising.  Take advantage of this opportunity and help out the decimated population of Haiti by donating to one of the links below, all of which received ‘A’ ratings from CharityWatch.org and are providing direct relief to Haiti.  Remember, ANYTHING you can spare helps (the more the better, of course, but the key thing is just to donate SOMETHING):

International Medical Core (Disclosure: my wife and I donated to them) (A+ from CharityWatch.org)

Doctors without borders (A from CharityWatch.org)

As a way of measuring the positive impact of readers like yourself, I’ve put a poll at the bottom of this post.  Please update it with whatever amount you’ve donated (it’s all anonymous.)  I’ll add it up and post the results periodically (if anyone knows of a free polling/survey utility that will add up responder’s numbers and display them, please let me know!)  Let’s try to hit $2,000 at least; that’s $20 from 100 people, $50 from 40, or $100 from 20.  Please join me and the rest of the ‘Words of Ward’ community in doing your part to help those in desperate need.

2 thoughts on “URGENT: Haiti needs your help – Take action by donating right now online

    • The total is now up to $1200 + 3 ‘other’ amounts (I’m trying to figure out if I can actually see what the ‘other’ answers were.) ~$800 more to go!

      (I figured out how to find the ‘other’ transactions. Total is $1415 now; the post was updated with this total at the top.)

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