All of Jeff Bezos’ Amazon Letters to Shareholders together in one PDF

*** UPDATED to include 2017 letter released April 2018 ***

For your reading pleasure and business edification, here’s the complete set of Amazon Shareholder Letters penned by CEO and founder Jeff Bezos in one handy PDF file:

Jeff Bezos – Compilation of Amazon Shareholder Letters 1997-2017 – FINAL.pdf

This volume starts with the classic and first 1997 letter to the 2017 letter, which came out in April of 2018. Bezos is known for his clear and profound thinking about business generally, how to delight customers, and how to build and sustain an incredibly innovative enterprise.

(Special thanks go to the good people that maintain the free version of PDF Split and Merge which I used to compile this, and to whomever already did the work for letters from 1997 – 2012.)